The best companies and professionals in the world at Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Engineering

HSESYNERGY, operates globally both online and onsite ways, our portfolio of solutions includes to supply Equipment & Products, and Field Operational Services.

HSESYNERGY is a global company that join the best companies and professionals in the world at Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Engineering, who united through a disruptive business model, comes to break existing paradigms and make it possible to offer companies, regardless their size, industry and location, the best affordable solutions with a cost-quality ratio ever seen.


We are the unique worldwide technological platform ,designed to offer in one place, access to the best solutions at Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Engineering, easy way, faster and with the following advantages:

All solutions in one place

A whole community of knowledge, in one place, easy way and faster to find, where you can consult us for free and without obligation.

30-50% Immediate Savings

The combined advantage of our technological platform of operating at a global level with an almost zero overhead cost, allows us to offer solutions with better rates and guarantee a lower total cost.

Professionals available 24/7

Having the best in your industry at your disposal 24/7 without geographical limitations, which allows you to put experts from countries where your industrial activity is strongly developed to work on your project, obtaining fast and quality solutions.

Solutions & Services

Quickness to find the solution you need, the wide range of highly specialized and flexible Outbound & Inbound solutions and services, allows you to have at your disposal the exact solution to your specific problem.


24/7 access to an online training platform where you will not only have access to our list of options, but also, your employees will be able to complete the trainings that we have designed exclusively for you, saving money and time.


Through this platform, specialists will be able to show you the best product, software, equipment, etc., that our commercial partners offer you and that best suits the required solution, at the lowest cost and with exclusive conditions only reserved for our clients.

Our Solutions

HSESYNERGY has developed innovative and unique solutions to your specific problems because we don’t think there are two companies the same, we are committed to creating superior value in our deliveries and a highly satisfactory experience. We invite you to take a brief tour of each of them:

Keep HSE expectations on- compliance, including contractors and verifying them through Audits and Inspections.

Strategic Solutions that take care of my HSE needs, while I focus on my business.

Strengthen the Bottom Line through cost reduction or optimization without sacrificing performance.


● Access to an exclusive platform that offers products, equipment, software and technologies associated with my HSE activities at preferential prices.

Solutions & Services HSESYNERGY

●Make sure all my staff are receiving the best training and that my search needs for HSE specialists is being done by those who know

●Have access to solutions at Risk Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Industrial Hygiene, including Analysis and Problem Solving.

●Respond quickly to my new needs to expand my business, adapting my Management System, Identifying and managing potential risks and possibilities of generating liabilities.

Hiring us is easy and fast:

Make your free consultation and without commitments

We review and propose

We fine-tune details and present you the best solutions.

We agreed and started

We negotiate the best rate and accept the contract terms.

Do you have any questions?

When you are ready, we are here to help you.